Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can Casey Anthony have a fair trial?

Accidentally released with new discovery in the Casey Anthony case is an audio file that details Lt. Tammy Uncer describing in detail how Casey Anthony responded to the news that a child’s body was found on Dec. 11, 2008. Though the audiotape is appealing to the general public, including devoted fans of CNN’s Headline News shows with Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, many wonder if the accidental release might hurt the prosecution’s case.

In what might be the most publicized case in all of American history, the Casey Anthony trial has been unfolding before the public’s eye since the first day that Cindy Anthony called 911 and reported Caylee Anthony missing. The question remains as to whether this publicity and download of enormous amounts of videos, photos, and state evidence won’t backfire and give the defense an edge in the case. The thought of finding a jury selection that is unfamiliar with the Casey Anthony case is slim to none, and this might be a first for the U.S. court system. This just might be the first case in American history to unfold on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube and might even reshape the way court cases are handled.
Though many in the public have already decided that Casey Anthony is guilty, the question remains as to whether every American citizen is innocent until proven guilty, and if that is still the case, is Casey Anthony getting fair representation? Additionally, if she is to go before a jury of her peers who will hear her case without a preconceived notion of guilt, will that truly be possible? With all of the media coverage and public outcry against Casey Anthony will a jury be willing to listen to the facts of the case, presented by both the prosecution and the defense, and weigh them according to logic and reason, without letting one year’s of media coverage cause emotions to cloud judgment?
A great injustice has been served towards Caylee Anthony. Her skeletonized remains were discarded revealing a killing that we will never truly understand. There were many blunders made along the way, especially the delay in finding her body through the inept handling of 911 phone calls and police investigations. Due to the level of decomposition, an exact cause of death will never be determined. However, what might be an even greater injustice to Caylee Anthony would be the possibility of a mistrial, due to the state releasing vast amounts of evidence without the express permission of the court.

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