Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Casey Anthony latest news: Evidence released documents from Dominic Casey, psychic Ginette Lucas (part 2)

More than 1,000 documents were released on November 2, 2010 in the Casey Anthony murder trial. In the second documents released, Emails exchanged between private investigator Dominc Casey and Luke Phillips were released. The emails detail the psychic search for not only Caylee Anthony but Haleigh Cummings and kidnapped Florida young adult Jennifer Kesse. In an Email dated July 2009, Lucas Phillips says that psychic investigator Ginette Lucas saw a ‘blonde man’ place Caylee Anthony’s body on Suburban Drive. You may read the E-Mail on page 33 in the document below.

Ginette Lucas drew national attention and criticism for claiming that she knew where Caylee Anthony’s body was. There was also speculation regarding a video that showed Dominic Casey searching for Caylee Anthony’s remains on Suburban Drive (where her remains were later found) reportedly under the instruction of Ginette Lucas.

Psychic Ginette Lucas raised skepticism when she said that she held a teddy bear belonging to Caylee Anthony, and looked at a map of Orange County, then had a dream on November 15, 2008, where she determined the place of Caylee Anthony’s remains.

Ginette Lucas described the dream she had that night in a contentious interview with Nancy Grace. She said of Caylee’s remains, “She was in a plastic bag. I said there might be two plastic bags, a white one and a dark brown — not a brown but a black one, and then a dark green one. And I said, Don`t — I said, You`re not looking for a little person sitting on the curb, you`re looking for garbage, what looks like garbage.”

You may read the Emails below.

Here is an interview with Ginette Lucas

Casey Anthony Evidence November 2 Part 2

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