Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What do you think about the Casey Anthony case?

What do you think about the Casey Anthony case?

Baez discuss her case during a pretrial hearing"

What do you think about the Casey Anthony case? Are you ready for the trial to start? Do you hope she gets the death penalty? What do you think the truth is regarding Caylee? Do you think Casey killed Caylee in cold blood like the prosecution alleges or do you think it was an accident? One thing I would like to know is who Caylee's father was. She was such a sweet little girl; it's so unbelievable what happened to her.

I remember when the news first broke and Nancy Grace was covering it on HLN. First it was a story of a missing child...then...Casey got busted in the first of many lies. She isn't just your ordinary liar either! Casey seemed to lie so much that it was as if she believed her own lies. I've heard that some people can lies so well they pass lie detector tests- wonder if Casey would have passed!

Are you tired of all the 'Casey Anthony' trial coverage or are you still hanging on every piece of evidence, video, photos and documents that are released? I don't think Casey is going to get any sympathy from the jury or Judge Perry. First of all, there is absolutely nothing about Casey that evokes sympathy or compassion whatsoever! How do you defend someone whom everyone already hates?

I mean...isn't it some sort of defense protocol to make your client look sympathetic to the jury? What in the world are they going to say or do to make Casey look sympathetic? They can't say that George and Cindy abused her because if anything, it appeared that George and Cindy spoiled her, hung on her every word and always believed the best in the lies she was saying? Her story about being sexually abused by her brother seems unbelievable as well. Especially when she's crying in court and mouthing "I love you" to him. It really looks like Casey Anthony is one of those 'bad seed' types of people...just really evil with a cold heart and dead conscience. You know, it's a shame because Casey Anthony was a very pretty girl- but you know what they say- beauty is only skin deep.

I don't see anyway any jury would ever feel sympathetic towards her.

Do you?

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