Monday, April 4, 2011

Casey Anthony case: Jose Baez apologizes in court (videos)

Casey Anthony case: Jose Baez apologizes in court (videos)

Pure Murder (Pinnacle True Crime)On March 7, 2011, lead defense attorney in the Casey Anthony case, Jose Baez apologized in court as well as to prosecutors for the state of Florida.  Jose Baez apologized and said that he would never purposefully disregard a court order issued by Judge Belvin Perry.  Jose Baez also stated that he is an advocate and believes in what he is doing as a defense lawyer.  He also pointed out that he is an officer of the court and said he is a passionate defense lawyer and said that sometimes his advocacy as a defense attorney has taken over his professional judgment.  He then apologized to the state prosecutors.

Jose Baez also said that he greatly respects and admires the prosecutors assigned to the case and said he respects both their intelligence and dedication to the case.  Jose Baez’ apology took approximately three minutes and the apology was accepted by the prosecution.
You can see the video of the apology below.

Jose Baez apologizes in court:

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