Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Court in recess until Thursday morning; No explanation why, is Casey Anthony going to enter a plea deal?

In a shocking turn of events, court proceedings in the Casey Anthony case stopped for lunch and were to resume at 1:00 pm, ET.  Suddenly, Judge Perry announced that the proceedings would remain in recess until tomorrow morning; there has been no explanation as to what is going on. Is a secret plea deal in the works?

There appears to be a high level of secrecy surrounding the decision, which apparently was a "slamming on the brakes" type of move has left many to wonder if Casey Anthony is going to plead guilty to a lesser charge.  It must be remembered that Casey Anthony always has the opportunity to negotiate a plea deal.  The plea deal would essentially save Casey Anthony from the death penalty.

Other possibilities include that something terrible has happened to the jury pool, maybe they were infiltrated, etc., however it is very difficult to determine what could have happened that would cause a recess and then keep all of the secrecy surrounding the move.

We'll know more tomorrow morning, but at this point, no motions or appeals have reportedly been filed.  Court is scheduled to resume on Thursday morning at 8:30 am, ET.

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