Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If Casey Anthony is innocent, then who’s looking for Caylee Anthony's real killer?

If Casey Anthony is innocent, then who’s looking for Caylee Anthony's real killer?

As jury selection is underway in the Casey Anthony case, the state of Florida is obligated to find a jury panel that will give Casey Anthony the benefit of the doubt- the- everyone is innocent until proved guilty, if you will.  Well, I’ve given Casey Anthony the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, I have, more so than many others, I’d be willing to bet.  I thought of a number of scenarios of “what ifs” and “maybes” and tried to imagine that Casey Anthony did not murder here two-year-old daughter in June 2008.  I’ve even tossed around the notion that George Anthony was the perpetrator and for some reason, unbeknownst to mankind, Casey Anthony was willing to sit in a jail cell for nearly two years to protect his good name.  All of my scenarios have come to naught, however, and I am left with one fact that has glaringly stared me in the face since I too, became obsessed with this case since Nancy Grace’s first airing in the summer of 2008: No one is looking for Caylee Anthony’s murderer!

Didn’t O.J. Simpson at one point say something about a “reward” he had offered for Nicole Brown Simpson’s murderer?  If O.J. could throw out some moohlah to portray his innocence, then what is the reason for Cindy, George, Lee and Casey Marie Anthony’s silence on the subject.

Seriously folks, they haven’t even offered a fake “Please, someone, find the murderer, “ speech.  Two and a half years after Caylee Anthony’s remains were found scattered through a swampy forest, no one has asked for the police to continue looking for the murderer, and Casey Anthony, the one who claims she is innocent, the one facing the death penalty for Caylee’s murder has never spoke to the media and demanded her daughter’s killer be caught, let alone brought to justice.  Shouldn’t Casey Anthony, of all people, be in fear of what this “mystery murderer” could do to other sweet, innocent children?

So, it’s the eighth day of jury selection and Judge Perry is having difficulty finding an impartial jury who doesn’t believe Casey Anthony is guilty.

Good luck with that- maybe Casey’s silence on the matter has already sealed her fate.
No one is looking for Caylee Anthony’s murderer because everyone knows right where she is.

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