Friday, May 20, 2011

Jurors, courtroom attendees overcome with emotion at Casey Anthony trial (videos)

Jurors, courtroom attendees overcome with emotion at Casey Anthony trial (videos)

Jury selection is winding down in the case of accused Florida killer Casey Anthony and potential jurors as well as those attending the court proceedings have been overcome with emotion throughout the proceedings.  On Thursday, May 19, 2011, one potential juror became overwhelmed and broke into tears while she answered Judge Perry’s questions regarding what she knew about the case.  On Friday, May 20, 2011, one woman was given a two day jail sentence after a verbal outburst in the courtroom where she insisted that Casey Anthony had ‘killed’ somebody, anyhow.  Through all of the outbursts, Casey Anthony remained stoic, if not angry.  Casey Anthony did cry, however, last week when Judge Perry read the indictment against her.  She also cried when Judge Perry spoke of his commitment that Casey Anthony receive a fair trial.

Woman interrupts Casey Anthony trial with outburst in court (video)


Yesterday’s potential juror was heard through live trial coverage saying that she remembered many of the details of the murder of Caylee Anthony in 2008.  She stated, “I do remember that there was tape on the baby`s mouth and nose and that there were various people involved in the case. It was just hard for me to listen to. I didn`t follow it intently, other than hoping the child would be found.”
The juror was visibly upset and was crying so heavily she had difficulty talking.

Wife of Tampa Bay serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin joins Casey Anthony defense team


The scenario was similar today when a woman who was attending the courtroom proceedings shouted out, “She killed somebody, anyway!”  Like the potential juror from the day before, the woman involved in the emotional outburst was overcome and had difficulty speaking.  She was led out of the courtroom by a bailiff, and then was escorted back where she stood before Judge Perry.  She told the judge that she was bipolar and was upset upon seeing Casey Anthony.  

 Judge Perry had mercy on her and though she was in contempt of court, sentenced her to two days in the Pinellas County Jail; he could have sentenced her to over 170 days.

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