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Casey Anthony in court: Watch live coverage (videos)

Casey Anthony in court: Watch live coverage (videos)

Casey Anthony is in court today and you can watch live coverage online as well as on television.  The hearings are broadcast on Tru TV's In Session as well as on news networks such as WESH and My Fox Orlando.  Here is a link to My Fox Orlando.

Watch Casey Anthony Trial Live (videos)

Judge Belvin Perry is listening to arguments regarding scientific evidence obtained in the case and will determine what will stand in the May 4, 2011 trial.

You may chat about the Casey Anthony case below. Check back for more updates as we'll provide coverage and analysis from today's court hearing later.

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Casey Anthony marks another birthday in jail

Did you know Casey Anthony just had another birthday?  Yes, she did.  The accused murderess has been in jail since October 2008 and has just seen her third birthday behind bars.  On Saturday, March 19, 2011, Casey Anthony turned 25 years old.  Her trial, for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, is slated to begin on May 4, 2011.

Jail records show that Casey had no visitors to celebrate her birthday with.  She has stopped visiting her family in jail as well, citing media interference as her conversations are not only audio taped but have been video taped and released to the public (such as with HLN's Nancy Grace show).

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A look at March motions in Casey Anthony case hearings.

A look at March motions in Casey Anthony case hearings.

STATE OF FLORIDA CASE No. ; 2008-or-15606

THESE MATTERS came before the Court on March 2, 3, 4, and 7, 2011. Attorneys Jose
Baez, J. Cheney Mason, and Dorothy Clay Sims were present for Defendant and Attorneys Linda Drane Burdick, Jeffrey L. Ashton, and Frank George were present for the State. Also, present for certain motions were Tamara L. Gappen, Attorney for Orange County Corrections; Mark Lippman, Attorney for George and Cindy Anthony; and Gregg D. Thomas, Attorney for WFTV and Kathleen Belich.


1. Motion to Quash Subpoenas and/or Motion for Protective Order and
Supplemental Motion to Quash Subpoenas:
This Motion, heard on March 2, 2011, was presented by Tamara L. Gappen, Attorney for
Orange County Corrections. Per stipulation of the parties, Deanne Adams and Mary J0 Dykes were released from attending the hearing. The Court ordered that Cindy Corrado, Tammy Unser, Dennis Moonsammy, and Marlene Baker be on 2 hour standby.

2. Motion for Relative of Victim to be Excluded from Rule of Sequestration:
This Motion, heard on March 2, 2011, was presented by Mark Lippman, Attorney for
George and Cindy Anthony. The Court invoked the rule of sequestration, but per this Motion, George and Cindy Anthony, as next of kin to victim Caylee Anthony, were permitted to attend certain proceedings after they both testified. Ftuther, the Court ordered that for future proceedings, this Motion may be re-addressed on a hearing by hearing basis.

3. Motion to Strike Kathleen Belich a/k/a Kathleen Gallagher from Defendant’s
Supplemental Witness List:  This Motion, heard on March 4, 2011, was presented by Gregg Thomas, Attorney for  WFTV and Kathleen Belich. The Court ruled that pursuant to the journalist’s privilege under ž 90.5015, Florida Statutes, Defendant failed to meet her burden to provide a clear and specific showing that: 1) the information sought from Kathleen Belich is relevant and material to unresolved issues that have been raised in the proceeding for which the information is sought;

2) the information cannot be obtained from alternative sources; and 3) a compelling interest exists for requiring disclosure of the information. Accordingly, this Motion is GRANTED.

4. State’s Motion in Limine:
This Motion was heard on March 4, 2011 and Defendant was in concurrence.
Accordingly, the Court ruled as follows:

Item No. 1 in motion: Any testimony or expression of personal opinion by counsel, or
any witness, that the defendant is guilty or not guilty: GRANTED.

Item No. 2 in motion: Any testimony about irrelevant character traits of Defendant
(for guilt phase only): GRANTED.

 Item No. 3 in motion: Any testimony or argument of counsel expressing a personal
opinion that the witnesses are “liars” or words to that effect. GRANTED (except
where evidence exists in support of such information).

Item No. 4 in motion: Any testimony or argument that unidentified members of the
Orange County Sheriff’ s Office, Office of the State Attorney, or any other government
agency “leaked” information to the media, or any third party. GRANTED (however,
if necessary, this information may be addressed at side bar via stipulation of the parties
and proffered outside of jury’s presence to determine the relevancy of the

Item No. 5 in motion: Any testimony or argument that members of the Orange
County Sheriffs Office arranged for the Defendant to be video recorded upon learning
that her daughter’s remains were found. GRANTED (granted because there will be
no reference to video footage)

Item No. 6 in motion: Any testimony or argument that unidentified members of the
Orange County Sheriffs Office, Office of the State Attorney, or any other govemment
agency, who will not testify, committed any alleged improper acts. GRANTED
(however, if necessary, this information may be addressed at side bar via stipulation of
the parties and proffered outside of jury’s presence to determine the relevancy of the

5. State’s Motion to Strike Defendant’s Supplemental Witness List
filed February 14, 2011:

This Motion was heard on March 4, 2011 and the following occurred:  Kathleen Belich, a/k/a Kathleen Gallagher is removed as a witness per separate Motion as addressed in paragraph 3 herein.

The State concurs with Defendant that good cause exists for naming Defendant’s
former boyfriend, Kemieth Drupiewski, as a Witness because his testimony would be
relevant as to the date when Defendant's diary was written. Accordingly, Kemieth
Drupiewski is permitted to remain on the witness list.

Defense counsel voluntarily removed Marvin Schecter from the witness list.

6. State’s Motion for Rule to Show Cause: This Motion was heard on March 4, 2011 and pursuant to the Court’s request, the parties provided a resolution for this Motion and in compliance with the Court’s Order dated February 4, 2011. Accordingly, the Court finding that the resolution and actions of counsel at this hearing to be satisfactory, no further action will be taken on this Motion.

7. Defendant’s Motion in Limine to Suppress Video Footage (Jail Video):
The State confirmed with the Court that it will not be utilizing this piece of evidence or
descriptions of this video during its Case-in-Chief. Accordingly, at the hearing on March 4,2011, the Court rendered this Motion MOOT.

8. The Court reserved ruling for the below Motions that will be addressed in
separate orders: Defendant’s Motion and Amended Motion to Suppress Statements made to Law Enforcement Officers. Motion heard on March 2, 3, and 7, 2011.

 Defendanfs Motion to Suppress Statements made to George, Cindy, and Lee
Anthony, Maya Derkovic, Robyn Adams, and Sylvia Hernandez. Motion heard on March 3, 4, and 7, 2011.

 State‘s Motion to Strike Defendant’s Motion to Exclude Unreliable Evidence
Pursuant to Frye (Chloroform). Motion to Strike heard on March 4, 2011.

State’s Motion to Strike Defendant’s Motion to Exclude Unreliable Evidence
Pursuant to Frye (Plant or Root Growth). Motion to Strike heard on March 4, 2011.

DONE AND ORDERED in chambers at Orlando, Orange County, Florida, this /2 ii
day of March, 2011. Nunc pro tunc to March 2, 2011 and March 4, 201 l for the applicable
Chief Judge
Motions heard and ruled upon on these dates.


I HEREBY CERTIFY that a true and correct copy of the foregoing Order has been
furnished by U.S. Mail or hand delivery, this day of March, 201 1 to:
 Jose Baez, Esquire, The Baez Law Firm, 522 Simpson Road, Kissimmee, Florida 34744

 J. Cheney Mason, Esquire, J. Cheney Mason, P.A., 390 North Orange Avenue, Suite
2100, Orlando, Florida 32801

0Dorothy Clay Sims, Esquire, Sims & Stakenborg, P_A., 118 SW Fort King Street, P.O.
Box 3188, Ocala, Florida 34478-3188

Ann Finnell, Esquire, Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami, & Andux, P.A., 233 E. Bay Street,
Suite 601, Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Linda Drane Burdick, Jeffrey L. Ashton, and Frank George, Assistant State Attorneys,
Office of the State Attorney, 415 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801

 Tamara L. Gappen, Esquire, Orange County Attorney’s Office, Orange County
Administration Center, P.O. Box 1393, Orlando, Florida 32802-1393

Mark Lippman, Esquire, Lippman Law Offices, P.A., 255 South Orange Avenue, Suite
720, Orlando, Florida 32801

Gregg D. Thomas, Esquire and Rachel E. Fugate, Esquire, Thomas & Locicero PL, 400
North Ashley Drive, Suite 1100, P.O. Box 2602 (33601), Tampa, Florida 33602

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Casey Anthony case update: Slideshow of new photos released in new evidence (photos)

New evidence has been released in the case against Casey Anthony including new photos. You may see the new photos in the slideshow below. The photos show Casey and Caylee sitting on a sofa as well as search photos from the time Caylee was missing. The photos were released previously in black and white and were taken by Ricardo Morales. The photos are admitted as state’s evidence because Caylee Anthony is wearing the same t-shirt in the photos as was found with her remains. Though forensic evidence has proved the body found on December 11, 2008 was that of Caylee Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother, Cindy Anthony, continues to state she believes Caylee is still alive.

Other information revealed was that George Anthony had grown more impatient with Casey Anthony and continued to question her, without success, regarding the whereabouts of his granddaughter. One witness, Lisa Hoffman, testified in interviews that she overheard from other people that at one point, George Anthony went into Casey’s room and demanded to know where Caylee was and what had happened to her. To this day, Casey Anthony says she had nothing to do with Caylee’s disappearance and murder but last saw her when she dropped her off with a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.

You may see the photos in the slideshow below.
New Casey Anthony Docs
Text documents (.doc)
Seizure and processing notes for Joy Wray pictures, video

Equusearch interviews (.wma)
Brett ChurchillCarol Conaway
Jennifer ConawayRichard Creque
Lisa HoffmanDaniel Ibison
Tim MillerDoug Reilly
Tony RovinskyLinda Tinelli

Casey Anthony Bella Vita Tattoo

Huge Slideshow of Casey Anthony evidence, photos and photos of Caylee Anthony

More Casey Anthony Evidence

Casey Anthony latest news: Evidence released documents from Dominic Casey, psychic Ginette Lucas (part 2)

More than 1,000 documents were released on November 2, 2010 in the Casey Anthony murder trial. In the second documents released, Emails exchanged between private investigator Dominc Casey and Luke Phillips were released. The emails detail the psychic search for not only Caylee Anthony but Haleigh Cummings and kidnapped Florida young adult Jennifer Kesse. In an Email dated July 2009, Lucas Phillips says that psychic investigator Ginette Lucas saw a ‘blonde man’ place Caylee Anthony’s body on Suburban Drive. You may read the E-Mail on page 33 in the document below.

Ginette Lucas drew national attention and criticism for claiming that she knew where Caylee Anthony’s body was. There was also speculation regarding a video that showed Dominic Casey searching for Caylee Anthony’s remains on Suburban Drive (where her remains were later found) reportedly under the instruction of Ginette Lucas.

Psychic Ginette Lucas raised skepticism when she said that she held a teddy bear belonging to Caylee Anthony, and looked at a map of Orange County, then had a dream on November 15, 2008, where she determined the place of Caylee Anthony’s remains.

Ginette Lucas described the dream she had that night in a contentious interview with Nancy Grace. She said of Caylee’s remains, “She was in a plastic bag. I said there might be two plastic bags, a white one and a dark brown — not a brown but a black one, and then a dark green one. And I said, Don`t — I said, You`re not looking for a little person sitting on the curb, you`re looking for garbage, what looks like garbage.”

You may read the Emails below.

Here is an interview with Ginette Lucas

Casey Anthony Evidence November 2 Part 2

Casey Anthony case update: Read evidence released in case of mom accused of murder (part 1)

More than 1,000 pages of evidence were released on November 2, 2010 in the Casey Anthony case. Casey Anthony is the Florida mom accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. In the first part of the released evidence there is 246 pages of information including an application to put a trap and trace on the home of George and Cindy Anthony and cell phones used by Casey’s immediate family.

In addition to the trap and trace on the phone lines, authorities requested authorization to place a mobile tracking device on vehicles used by Casey Anthony, Cindy Anthony, George Anthony, Lee Anthony and Anthony Lazarro.

Also included is the testimony of Deputy Ryan Eberlin who was one of the first responders to Casey Anthony’s home the night that Cindy Anthony called 911 to report her car stolen, and then to say that Caylee Anthony had been missing for 31 days.

You may read the first portion of the released evidence below.

Please be patient while the document downloads, it is rather large.

Casey Anthony Evidence November 2 Part 1

Casey Anthony latest news: New discovery, photos and time granted in case

Casey Anthony latest news: New discovery, photos and time granted in case

New discovery was released on December 17, 2010 in the case of accused Florida murderer Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony is housed in the Orange County Jail as she awaits first degree murder charges in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. The case took a twist due to the fact that when the Orlando District Attorney first pursued charges against Casey Anthony, the remains of Caylee had not yet been found. The state of Florida was going to try Casey in what could have been a death penalty case without a body.

Casey Anthony may receive the death penalty if found guilty.

A DVD was released today which included documents, transcripts photos, letters and audio files. You may see photos from the investigation taken by Texas Equusearch volunteer, Joy Ray below.

Casey Anthony’s trial is handled by Chief Judge Belvin Perry and on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, Judge Perry ruled in favor of the defense to allow their private investigator more time to research 115 state witnesses. In order to ensure that the defense has ample time to conduct their investigations, Judge Perry granted the defense an additional 110 hours.

You may see today’s discovery from MyFox Orlando in the links below.

These links will take you to the MyFox Orlando website.

Letters to Casey from parents, family, Set One >>>

Letters to Casey from parents, family, Set Two >>>

Letters to Casey from strangers, Set One >>>

Letters to Casey from strangers, Set Two >>>

Letters to Casey from strangers, Set Three>>>

Letters to Casey from strangers, Set Four >>>

You can find more information at CFNews 13 in the links below.

What do you think about the Casey Anthony case?

What do you think about the Casey Anthony case?

Baez discuss her case during a pretrial hearing"

What do you think about the Casey Anthony case? Are you ready for the trial to start? Do you hope she gets the death penalty? What do you think the truth is regarding Caylee? Do you think Casey killed Caylee in cold blood like the prosecution alleges or do you think it was an accident? One thing I would like to know is who Caylee's father was. She was such a sweet little girl; it's so unbelievable what happened to her.

I remember when the news first broke and Nancy Grace was covering it on HLN. First it was a story of a missing child...then...Casey got busted in the first of many lies. She isn't just your ordinary liar either! Casey seemed to lie so much that it was as if she believed her own lies. I've heard that some people can lies so well they pass lie detector tests- wonder if Casey would have passed!

Are you tired of all the 'Casey Anthony' trial coverage or are you still hanging on every piece of evidence, video, photos and documents that are released? I don't think Casey is going to get any sympathy from the jury or Judge Perry. First of all, there is absolutely nothing about Casey that evokes sympathy or compassion whatsoever! How do you defend someone whom everyone already hates?

I mean...isn't it some sort of defense protocol to make your client look sympathetic to the jury? What in the world are they going to say or do to make Casey look sympathetic? They can't say that George and Cindy abused her because if anything, it appeared that George and Cindy spoiled her, hung on her every word and always believed the best in the lies she was saying? Her story about being sexually abused by her brother seems unbelievable as well. Especially when she's crying in court and mouthing "I love you" to him. It really looks like Casey Anthony is one of those 'bad seed' types of people...just really evil with a cold heart and dead conscience. You know, it's a shame because Casey Anthony was a very pretty girl- but you know what they say- beauty is only skin deep.

I don't see anyway any jury would ever feel sympathetic towards her.

Do you?

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Casey Anthony trial: Defense late for pre trial hearing, (videos, photos)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Casey Anthony trial: Defense late for pre trial hearing, (videos, photos)

Casey Anthony trial: Defense late for pre trial hearing, (videos, photos)

Judge Belvin Perry is a no nonsense Judge and this morning, the defense and Casey Anthony were seven minutes late for the proceedings.  The defense was scolded and Judge Perry has made it clear that he has additional cases to hear and has told both the defense and State of Florida to move quickly with their motions and arguments.  Today’s hearing was a surprise as it was believed the state and defense would be finished with their motions yesterday.

The pretrial hearing has been emotional to say the least as Casey broke down in tears and emotions ran rampant in her family members: George, Cindy and Lee.  Under question today is whether or not proper procedures were followed during the early part of the search for Caylee.  Focus was placed on the possibility that instead of conducting a missing child search for Caylee, investigators encouraged Casey’s family members to speak with her alone, trying to get information out of her.  This allegation was denied by first responder Detective Yuri Melich.

One tense moment was when Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, took the stand and mouthed the words to Casey, “I love you.”  Casey Anthony remained looking at her notebook and didn’t respond.
Today marks the third day in the Casey Anthony pretrial hearing.

You may see videos to the left from the hearing and photos of Casey and Caylee Anthony in the links below.  You may watch live coverage of the Casey Anthony pretrial hearings, as well as her live trial that begins May 4, 2011 at MyFox Orlando.
Click to read more by Charisse Van Horn.  You may subscribe to her articles in the links above or below.

Video: Casey Anthony pretrial hearing

Video: Casey Anthony in court for pretrial hearings

Slideshows: Casey and Caylee Anthony

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Casey Anthony Wiki

Caylee Anthony homicide

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Caylee Anthony
Born August 9, 2005
Orlando, Florida, United States
Died June 16, 2008 (aged 2)
Orlando, Florida, United States
Caylee Marie Anthony[1] (August 9, 2005 - June 16, 2008) was an American toddler who disappeared in June 2008 and was subsequently discovered dead, attracting national attention. Her mother, Casey Anthony (born March 19, 1986), was indicted on October 14, 2008, for first-degree murder. Police found Anthony's account of Caylee's disappearance suspicious after learning that Casey had not reported her daughter missing for more than a month; the last time Casey Anthony claimed to have seen Caylee was on June 16, 2008, but the child's disappearance was not reported to police until July 15, 2008. On December 11, 2008, the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony were found near the Anthony home by a meter reader, later confirmed on December 19, 2008 by the Orange County Medical Examiner to be those of the toddler.[2] The cause of the child's death is listed in the autopsy report as "homicide by undetermined means." Casey Anthony is currently in jail, arrested on first-degree murder charges with a trial start date for May 2011. Casey Anthony, her lawyers, and her family maintain that she did not harm her child and that she is innocent of all charges.



[edit] Disappearance

Caylee Anthony was first reported missing to authorities on July 15, 2008. Caylee's grandmother, Cindy Anthony, reportedly called 9-1-1 when her daughter Casey Anthony, Caylee's mother, would not tell her where Caylee had been. Cindy had not seen her granddaughter for weeks and became very alarmed when she admitted that she smelled the odor of a "dead body" in the trunk of Casey's car. Cindy later denied what she said and revised her account, stating that the smell was from old, stale pizza. Police later determined, through forensic testing, that there had indeed been the presence of a decomposing body in the trunk of that car.[3][4][5]

[edit] Investigation

When Detective Yuri Melich questioned Casey Anthony about the whereabouts of her daughter, she stated the child was with a babysitter. The purported babysitter, Zenaida "Zanny" Fernandez-Gonzalez, according to Casey, supposedly had been a caregiver for the child for over two years. When a local woman named Zenaida Gonzalez (not Fernandez-Gonzalez) was questioned by police on July 17, 2008, Gonzalez denied knowing either Casey or Caylee Anthony. When police asked the grandmother Cindy about the babysitter, Cindy said that she had no reason to doubt Casey's account of Fernandez-Gonzalez's caring for Caylee. However, in the nearly three years that Caylee was alive and living at Cindy Anthony's house, neither of Casey's parents nor any of her friends, boyfriends, family, or acquaintances had ever once met the purported babysitter.[6]

From the start of the investigation, Melich had trouble determining the majority of facts of the case. For instance, initially Caylee's grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony, told police that the last time they saw their granddaughter was on June 9, 2008 but authorities found a videotape, taken June 15, 2008, that shows Caylee reading a book. When the grandparents were questioned about the time discrepancy, Cindy Anthony said that she had been confused about the dates and recalled taking Caylee to see Caylee's great-grandfather on Father's Day, June 15, 2008. Cindy Anthony told police that her husband probably went along with the dates because he generally took his wife's word on details.

When Melich began to investigate Casey Anthony, he found discrepancies in what she had told law enforcement in her signed statement. The preponderance of the information Casey gave, starting with the babysitter account, appeared to be false. For example, Casey told police that she currently worked at Universal Studios; when police escorted her to the studio facility, she led them to an office but then admitted that she no longer worked there.[7] Casey also claimed she had been investigating Caylee's disappearance on her own which is why she did not contact police earlier. However, friends and family denied ever having been asked by Casey about Caylee's whereabouts. Numerous photos of Casey smiling and mugging for the camera while at bars and while attending parties in the weeks immediately after Caylee's disappearance were published by news media outlets. On the December 10, 2008 episode of Larry King Live, Cindy Anthony said she believed the photos in question were "staged" photos for which Casey was remunerated, apparently for the promotion of a nightclub.
Wikinews has related news: Body of small child found in Orlando, Florida
In July, KioMarie Cruz, Casey Anthony's childhood friend, told local police to investigate the wooded area near Hidden Oaks Elementary School. On August 11, 12, and 13 of 2008, tips were called in to police by a utility worker, subsequently identified as Orange County utility worker, Roy Kronk, but ignored by Richard Cain, a deputy sheriff of Orange County, Florida.[8][9] Caylee's remains were found in a bag, discovered by Kronk, near the same wooded area on Suburban Drive, less than a half-mile from the Anthony residence on Hopespring Drive.

[edit] Arrests and charges

Casey Anthony was arrested for the third time on September 15, 2008, on new charges of theft,[10] and was released shortly afterward.[11]

On October 14, 2008, Casey Anthony was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first-degree murder and was arrested for the fourth time.[12] She entered a plea of not-guilty to the charges that she killed Caylee.[11]

On October 21, 2008, the charges of child neglect were dropped against Casey. In a statement that morning, the State Attorney's Office explained: "The neglect charges were premised on the theory that her child, Caylee Marie, was still alive. As the investigation progressed and it became clear that the evidence proved that the child was deceased, the State sought an indictment on the legally appropriate charges."[13] On April 14, 2009, prosecutors announced that they plan to seek the death penalty in this case.[14] Casey Anthony and her family maintain that she is innocent of all charges.[15]

[edit] Discovery and confirmation of death

Part of the memorial for Caylee Anthony near where her body was found
On December 11, 2008, skeletal remains of what appeared to be a young child were found by a meter reader for a local utility, Roy Kronk. It was reported that the skull had duct tape wrapped around it. Documents released to the public on January 21, 2009 determined that the duct tape was over the mouth area of the child's skull and stuck to the hair on either side, and that the duct tape had a small heart shaped area of residue on its surface indicating a heart shaped sticker had at one time been stuck on the surface of the duct tape.[16] [17] On December 12, the remains were tentatively identified as Caylee based on strands of hair found with the remains as well as the age and measurements being a match for Caylee.[18] On December 15, WFTV reported that more bones were found in the wooded area near where the skull was discovered.[19]

On December 19, 2008, medical examiner Dr. "G" Jan Garavaglia confirmed that the remains found were those of Caylee Anthony, the death being ruled a homicide and that she had been killed by undetermined means. No details of the DNA identification testing were given, such as the number of loci (specific locations on a DNA sequence) that matched, or the sources used in the match.[8][20][21]

[edit] Publicity

The case attracted a large amount of mainstream media attention, and was regularly the main topic of many talk shows, including those hosted by Greta Van Susteren, Nancy Grace, Geraldo Rivera, and others. It has been featured on Fox's America's Most Wanted,[22] NBC's Dateline, and ABC's 20/20.

The mysterious and still unexplained death of Caylee has been distinguished by an unexplained lack of critical information from Casey Anthony, who was initially charged with child neglect and making false statements to investigators before later being charged with murder. However, while the Anthony grandparents repeatedly called upon the public to search for Caylee in places as far as Texas, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, they also insisted that Casey had been maintaining her silence in order to protect Caylee, and that searches for a dead body were inappropriate.[citation needed]

Casey Anthony's parents, Cindy and George, appeared on the Today show on October 22, 2008. They maintained their belief that Caylee was alive and would be found. Larry Garrison, president of SilverCreek Entertainment, was their spokesman until he resigned in November 2008, citing that he was leaving due to "the Anthony family's erratic behavior." [23]

More than 600 pages of evidence released by the Orange County Sheriff's Department, including hundreds of instant messages between Casey and then-boyfriend Tony Rusciano, have been the subject of increased scrutiny by the media for clues and possible motives in the homicide.[24]

George Anthony was reported missing on January 22, 2009, after he failed to show up for a meeting with his lawyer, Brad Conway. George was found in a Daytona Beach hotel the next day after sending messages to family members threatening suicide. He was taken to Halifax Hospital for psychiatric evaluation[25] and later released.

Commentators have expressed concern that Casey Anthony's right to a fair trial may be jeopardized by all of the pre-trial publicity.[26] Some cases have been successfully appealed based on prejudicial pre-trial publicity.[27] On May 4, 2009, Anthony's attorney Jose Baez filed for a change in venue to Miami-Dade County.[28]

An episode of the popular daytime talk show Dr. Phil covered the case, including the discovery of the body (which had not been confirmed as Caylee Anthony's at the time).

[edit] Evidence

On Friday, October 24, 2008, a forensic report from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee confirmed results from a DNA test showing "evidence consistent with decomposition" based on five "key" compounds out of over 400 possible found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. DNA samples could not confirm whether the source was alive or dead. The only DNA testing by the FBI was limited to 752 base pairs out of 16,569 base pairs (less than 5% of the mitochondrial genome sequence). Whether or not the decomposition is human is still unknown but indicated as a possibility. The process has not been affirmed by a Daubert Test in the courts.[29]

Traces of chloroform were also found in Casey Anthony's car trunk and evidence was found that someone had searched the Internet on her computer for the use of the chemical and how to make it. No dates of the search were given and they did not establish if the searches were done by Casey.[30] On November 26, 2008, officials released 700 pages of documents related to the Anthony investigation, which included evidence of Google searches of the terms "neck breaking," "how to make chloroform," and "death" on Casey Anthony's home computer. No dates were given as to when the searches were done or by whom.[31]

On February 18, 2009, documents released by the State Attorney's Office in Florida indicated that the same type of laundry bag, duct tape, and plastic bags discovered at the crime scene were found in the house where Casey and Caylee resided. Heart-shaped stickers were also recovered by investigators. A heart-shaped sticker was found on the duct tape that covered the mouth area of Caylee's skull. The documents also indicate that Cindy Anthony stated to them that a Winnie the Pooh blanket was missing from Caylee's bed. This type of blanket was found at the crime scene. An entry from Casey Anthony's diary was also released.[32]

The entry is dated "June 21," and reads:
I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay. I completely trust my own judgment & know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see -- This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow -- I've made new friends that I really like. I've surrounded myself with good people -- I am finally happy. Let's just hope that it doesn't change.[33]
A member of Casey Anthony's defense team, spokeswoman Marti MacKenzie, contends that this entry was written in 2003 prior to the time that Caylee was born. The defense contends that the opposite page has "'03" written in one of the corners as the date, and the handwriting on the two pages match. However, there was no authentication that this is a date, or when it was entered in the diary or by whom. The prosecution acknowledged that it did not know when the entry was made.[34]

Hundreds of pages of evidence were released to the public throughout the case under the Florida "Sunshine Law", and published on the websites of several Orlando, Florida, news stations.

FBI Laboratory documents from June 2009, released to the public in September 2009, stated that the fabric of the duct tape found on the remains and the duct tape found on a gas can at the Anthony family home were microscopically dissimilar in fiber composition and not consistent with originating from the same source.[35]

FBI forensics laboratory identified on September 30, 2009 that a stain in the shape of a young child in the fetal position was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car.[36]

FBI documents released to the public in October 2009 indicated that two sources of DNA had been discovered in swabbings taken from the duct tape which was found on Caylee's remains, neither of them Casey Anthony's. One set of DNA, found on the shiny side of the tape, was found to be that of one of the FBI laboratory personnel and unrelated to the case.[citation needed] The other was an incomplete segment of DNA found on the adhesive side of the tape which did not match the DNA of Casey Anthony, her parents, the FBI analyst, or that of Caylee.[37]

[edit] Civil case

Casey Anthony is being sued for defamation by Zenaida Gonzalez, a 38-year-old Kissimmee mother of six, for damages including punitive. Anthony told investigators that a baby sitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez — also known as "Zanny" — abducted 2-year-old Caylee Marie in June. It was reported that Anthony would be exercising her rights under the Fifth Amendment in response to written questions in the civil case.[38] The civil trial is set for August 29, 2011.[39]

[edit] Attorneys depart

Andrea Lyon[40] has departed the defense team for Casey Anthony.[41] Todd Macaluso[42] left the case due to California stating that he cannot practice law in California due to charges he used his clients' money. Brad Conway, the attorney for Casey Anthony's parents, withdrew in mid-August 2010, citing allegations in a defense motion that he got "special treatment" in reviewing records. Conway denied the defense allegations, and stated that the allegations made him a witness in the case and forced him to withdraw.[43]

[edit] Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony

Anthony mugshot July 16, 2008
Born March 19, 1986 (1986-03-19) (age 24)
Warren, Ohio, U.S.
Charge(s) First degree murder, et al.
Status Incarcerated in Orange County Jail[44]
Parents George and Cindy Anthony
Children Caylee Anthony (2005-2008)
Casey Marie Anthony (born March 19, 1986), Caylee's mother, has been charged with the first degree murder of her daughter.

She was first arrested on July 16, 2008, for giving false statements, neglect of a child, and obstruction of a criminal investigation with a request that she be held on a no bond status until Caylee Anthony was located.

On August 21, 2008, Casey Anthony was released after one month of incarceration. She was released from the Orange County jail after her $500,200 bond was posted by California bail bondsman Tony Padilla.[45]

She was arrested again on August 29, 2008, on charges of forgery, fraudulent use of personal information, and petty theft for forging $700 worth of checks and using her friend's credit cards without permission.[46][47] Tony Padilla subsequently rescinded the $500,200 in bail due to a lack of cooperation from Casey Anthony.[48]

On September 5, 2008, Casey Anthony was released again on bail after being fitted with an electronic tracking device.[49] Her $500,000 bond was posted anonymously,[50] and it was later revealed that her parents, Cindy and George Anthony, signed a promissory note for the bond.[51]

On October 14, 2008, Casey Anthony was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first-degree murder and was arrested for the fourth time. She is currently in the Orange County Jail awaiting her expected May 16, 2011, trial date, jury selection will start on May 9, 2011, in an undisclosed location.[52] The Florida state attorney's office in April 2009 announced that it intended to seek the death penalty. If convicted and sentenced to death, she will join Tiffany Cole as the only two women on Florida's death row.

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