Saturday, August 13, 2011

Casey Anthony case updates

Casey Anthony case updates

There have been several updates in the case against recently acquitted Florida mom, Casey Anthony.  On August 12, 2011, Judge Perry ordered Casey to come out of hiding and to report to the Florida Department of Corrections no later than 12:00 pm, August 26, 2011 whre she is to begin serving probation for check fraud charges.

Producer for In Session, Michael Christian spoke to HLN’s Nancy Grace and discussed the order.  He stated, “We have finally gotten a decision here, Nancy, and Judge Belvin Perry has decided Casey Anthony has to come back and serve probation. This is regular probation. This is not administrative probation. She has been ordered to return to Orlando and report to the probation intake center no later than August 26th at noon. Now, she has the option of coming earlier. She has a year`s probation. Whenever she comes and reports, that`s when her probation starts.

So basically, she`ll be on a year`s probation starting whenever she shows up in Orlando, which will be no later than August 26th at noon.”
Weighing in on the conversation was producer for Nancy Grace’s show Ellie Jostad.  She stated, “Well, Nancy, we`ve been waiting on this ruling to find out if Casey Anthony was going to head back to Florida to serve that probation. Remember, her defense argued it had already been served. Judge Perry now saying she does have to go back to Florida. In fact, she has to report by noon on August 26th, serve a year of supervised probation. But he did say that her address, where she`s living, could be kept confidential.”

Also speaking to Nancy Grace about the new developments was Nancy Grace producer Natisha Lance.  Lance stated, “Well, Nancy, back in January of 2010 -- this was when Casey Anthony was found guilty of those charges of check fraud against her friend, Amy Huizenga. And at that time, Judge Stan Strickland, who was the judge, the original judge on the case, said that Casey Anthony would have to serve probation once she was released from jail.

Somehow, there was a mix-up, and it seems as if Casey Anthony was serving her probation while she was still behind bars, although Stan Strickland said that is not what he had ordered. He went back and he went through the process of trying to get her probation to be where it is now today.”
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