Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cindy Anthony's brother gives family background history on Topix

On Aug.19, 2008, a man believed to be Cindy Anthony's brother Rick spoke about his family on the site Topix. He stated, "I am one of Cindy's older brothers. She has three all total. I have two older brothers. Cindy was the baby of the family and the only girl.

She married George when he was a cop in Warren, Ohio. She talked George into going into his dad's car business. George didn't get along with his dad very well then. They scuffeled and George put his dad through a window at the dealership.

George was asked to leave. No charges were filed. George started his own car lot and 2nd mortgaged his and Cindy's home. The business failed and they lost their home. They moved to Florida where Cindy got a job at a doctors clinic. She was the lead nurse at a really good orthepedic doctor office before she met George. She quit when she had Lee. That is some basics that will get everyone up to speed."

Oh Well" thread III" page 729): (RICK: Aug 19, 2008 #14681

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