Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Videos, Photos: Caylee Anthony's Remains Found: Four Years Later

Today is Dec. 11, 2012, it also marks the four year anniversary of when Caylee Anthony's remains were found off of Suburban Drive in Orlando, Florida. Caylee Anthony died on June 16, 2008 meaning her body was left in the hot Florida sun and submerged under water for a period of up to six months.

By the time authorities found her remains there was nothing but bones that had been left for wild animals to graze upon. Her skeleton and skull revealed little about the way she died. The only piece of evidence that hinted at murder by suffocation was duct tape that was affixed to the skull, going across the mouth and nose.

Jailhouse video of Casey Anthony's reaction to the news Caylee's remains had been found was kept under wraps until finally it was made public. Casey's reaction was of great interest because Caylee's remains hadn't been identified at the time Casey was taped reacting to the news. You may watch those videos below.

 To this day, there has not been justice for Caylee Anthony. While the defense argued that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family's swimming pool, the medical examiner said it best. When children drown people call 911. I would add that when children drown, parents don't discard their children's bodies in woods and leave them for mother nature and wild beasts to devour.

 The first part of the video is Casey getting the news. You can see her defense attorney Jose Baez speak to her during the second video.

WARNING! The slideshow below contains state of Florida evidence that was shown to the jury. It contains graphic photos of Caylee Anthony's remains!

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