Saturday, January 5, 2013

Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias fight for television coverage

According to a new Orlando Sentinel report, Casey Anthony may not be the most popular woman accused of murder. As the notorious Florida mom acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee returns to a courtroom on Jan. 8, 2013, she faces some competition regarding whether In Session chooses to air the proceedings live on television. The competition comes in the form of Arizona woman Jodi Arias. In Session may choose to broadcast Jodi Arias’ trial leaving those who want to watch the Casey Anthony proceedings to choose online streaming instead. We will have the video on the site and will also provide updates on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013, regarding where viewers may tune in.

There have been numerous comparisons between Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, and it is interesting that both are in a sense fighting for air time. Though Casey Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse, she was convicted on four charges of lying to law enforcement officers. Her attorneys say she was overcharged and are appealing the misdemeanor convictions on grounds of double jeopardy.

Arguments will be heard in Casey Anthony’s appeal at 1:30 p.m. The Orlando Sentinel states that if In Session doesn’t cover Anthony’s appeal on Tuesday, they will do so on Wednesday.

What do you think about Casey Anthony’s appeal? Are you going to watch? Are you following the Jodi Arias trial as well?

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  1. I think the entire ANTHONY case is as bogus as the damn tooth fairy. The 31 days that she evaded telling the police that her child was missing shows the entire nation that she was hiding something. Her parents collecting money from innocent people trying to help in the search of a LIVE Caylee is as bogus as the tooth fairy...the fact that their was perjury committed in a murder trial and no ramifications for it....shows....bogus....i personally find them both sick repulsive individuals...GUILTY in my books, but yet both loving the negative attention they are getting......i will not be watching, my stomach can't handle garbage very well...but i will watch the verdict on both......i like KARMA...i believe KARMA.....and i will love watching it happen ! jmho