Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jose Baez compares Nancy Grace to wrestling, talks ‘schtick’ of the show (videos)

There’s no love lost between Jose Baez and Nancy Grace...that’s for sure. In Jose Baez’ book “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story,” Jose Baez speaks about his second appearance on the famous HLN program “Nancy Grace.” According to Jose Baez, he was unfamiliar with Jane Velez-Mitchell or Nancy Grace at the time he appeared on the show. Jane Velez-Mitchell sat in for Nancy Grace during his first appearance.  On July 23, 2008, Jose Baez appeared on the show a second time. Nancy Grace was there for the interview. This appearance was just 8 days after Caylee Anthony had been reported missing.

You may watch the interview in the video below and the tension between the two is clearly evident. Nancy Grace and Jose Baez spent much of the time speaking over each other. Nancy Grace called Jose Baez out on not pushing Casey Anthony to help find Caylee Anthony alive. Jose Baez continually highlighted he couldn’t violate attorney, client privilege.

Jose Baez denied that he had asked for immunity for Casey Anthony, and continued to point out that Nancy Grace was interrupting him.

One thing that is notable, is that Nancy Grace tends to intimidate a lot of guests. They become tongue-tied, twisted, frustrated and back down. It is interesting that Jose Baez continued to hold his own and never backed down to Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace conducted the interview like a pitbull for justice and it appeared her attacks were motivated by the hope of finding Caylee Anthony alive.

It’s also interesting that Jose Baez brought up several points during the interview that were overlooked--points that he addressed in his book. One of these was the way the state handled the case. He remarked that investigators arrested Casey, then turned to the media to say they had a missing child. Jose Baez continually criticized the handling of media throughout the book and mentioned several times that media would hear about developments in the case or release of evidence before he did.

Jose Baez addressed the interview in his book on page 37. You can fast forward to 15:00 to find the part Jose Baez speaks about specifically, but you may watch the entire video to get the full depth of the interview.

Jose Baez wrote, “Grace, a former prosecutor from Fulton County, Georgia, grilled me about my conversations with Casey, and I told her I couldn’t discuss any of that. Immediately she accused me of hiding behind the attorney-client privilege.

“I’m not hiding behind anything,” I said. “I’m keeping my license, and I’m shocked you even asked a question like that.”

She replied haughtily, “I don’t represent criminals. I represent the victims.”

I was thinking, “Who is this quack?”

I quickly discovered that Grace’s show was a lot like professional wrestling, where the action and drama are more important than truth or facts. She would attack me, and we’d go to a commercial, and she’d say, “Hey, you’re doing great. This is just the schtick of the show.”

“I understand,” I said.

“You’re doing wonderfully,” she said. “Keep up the good work.”

What do you think about Jose Baez’ comments and the entire interview?

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