Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 15, 2008 significant date in both Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias cases (videos)

It’s July 15, 2015, and while Amazon is busy promoting their “Prime Day” sales that promise to have more deals than Black Friday, I can’t help but think back to the events that occurred on this date in 2008. You see, it always struck me odd that on July 15, 2008, Casey Anthony was getting busted in Florida, while Jodi Arias was getting busted in California. Both cases have similarities and it makes me wonder if the stars weren’t aligned to say…let’s bust these crazy women and get them off the streets. While Casey Anthony has been acquitted of first-degree murder, and I do feel that technically calling her a murderer, probably violates something…there is no doubt that whether you believe she was guilty or innocent, her behavior regarding her missing daughter was downright despicable. By her attorney Jose Baez’ own admission in court, Casey Anthony knew that Caylee was dead (from drowning) and that her body had been discarded down the street at Suburban Drive. Wow.  I’m sure everyone thinks that if your child drowns in the swimming pool that the next step of action is to make sure the body is thrown away in a ditch so animals can gnaw at it. My point is, that even if you believe Casey Anthony is “innocent,” she’s still guilty of some pretty horrific behavior…and if you think she’s guilty…well…let’s just take “horrific behavior” up a notch to despicable.

Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony
And as for Jodi Arias. My God. Do they come any crazier? Personally, I wonder if Arias’ reading “The Secret” somehow confused her into believing that if she clicked her heels three times and
wished with all her darndest, she could make Travis Alexander love her forever and ever and ever. Keep dreaming. Who knows exactly how it all went down, but Arias is out of her mind, sick…sick…sick. Thank goodness she is behind bars and there is some justice in that case.

Still, every July 15th, I can’t help but take a moment to think about Caylee Anthony, and the sounds of Cindy Anthony’s panicked voice on the 911 call (yes, it was made on July 15, after they picked up their car from the towing company); and Travis Alexander who was brutally murdered by a woman who was clearly out of her head with rage, hatred and obsessive, stalking behaviors. I think of how, for some reason, the universe aligned on the east and west coast to put into motion the missing pieces of these cases.

And I just think it is nearly as bizarre as the enigmas that are Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias.
Cindy Anthony 911 calls; July 15, 2008 (Casey Anthony was arrested, early morning, July 16, 2008, following the police visit to the home prompted by the 911 calls). Jodi Arias Interview/Arrest July 15, 2008

Is Casey Anthony planning a TV interview? (video)

Is Casey Anthony planning a TV interview? It's unclear what the acquitted mother has in the works, but TMZ caught footage of Casey and companions in what may be talks for a tell-all.

In the video below, you can see as a TMZ camera person films and questions a woman,
Screenshot; TMZ
who is presumably Casey Anthony. The woman never once denies being Anthony, something that most anyone would most likely do, since Casey Anthony was voted the most hated woman in America at one point.

What do you think?

Is this woman Casey Anthony? If she is shopping a TV interview, would you watch it?

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